Our Missed Appointment Policy:

House Paws Missed Appointment Policy Effective May 27th, 2022

A veterinary/client relationship is built on mutual trust and respect. As we experience high volume and continue to grow, House Paws’ goal is to provide quality, individualized medical care in a timely manner. As such, we strive to be on time for your scheduled appointments and ask that you give us the courtesy of a call when you cannot keep your appointment. As a courtesy to you, we provide reminders via email, PetDesk, or a phone call before your appointment. However, you are responsible for remembering your appointment regardless.

Recently, we have experienced an increase in pet owners missing scheduled confirmed appointments. We attempt to manage our appointments in a way that allows us to see patients for routine care as well as unexpected injury or illness.

A missed appointment is when you fail to show up for an appointment without a phone call or cancel without at least 24-hour notice.

Missed appointments deprive other pet owners of the opportunity to get routine or urgent care for their pets. It is difficult for us to rebook or determine how many additional urgent care appointments we can see in a day when we have an unpredictable number of missed appointments.

We continue to welcome new clients, but we will require a deposit to secure an appointment for each pet equal to the exam charge. The deposit will be credited toward the appointment or kept as a fee if the appointment is missed.

If current clients have a record of missed appointments, they will be asked for a deposit equal to an exam charge. The fee will be non-refundable if their scheduled and confirmed appointment is missed. We understand that sometimes life happens. Deposits will be refunded if a cancellation notice is received a minimum of 24 hours before the appointment.

If you have a missed surgery appointment, you will be charged (25% of the deposit instead of a set fee). We allocate a fixed number of time slots depending on the type of surgeries that are scheduled and are unable to rebook after a missed appointment due to the prerequisites for surgery.

We hope this allows us to serve you and your pets better.

How to Cancel Your Appointment: To cancel your appointment, you may do so on our Petdesk app, or call/email the hospital where your appointment is scheduled. If you do not reach the receptionist upon calling, please leave a detailed message on our voice mail. You can reschedule your appointment through our PetDesk app, or by emailing/calling the hospital directly.

Our Updated COVID-19 Policy:

Hybrid Service Announcement– Phase 1 – Starting July 6th!!

We are excited to announce the re-opening of our doors to our clients at all House Paws locations!

We do have a few guidelines and appreciate in advance your kindness, understanding, and cooperation with us, while we navigate through once again learning a new way of operating in order to continue to keep you, your pets, and our team safe.

Call when you arrive and we will get you checked in over the phone. Please stay in your car until we have a room available – we will come out and get you when it’s ready.

Masks must be worn over your nose and your mouth for the entire visit. No exceptions at this time, even if you are fully vaccinated.

1 person is allowed inside with your pet – if you have children with you we will do a curbside appointment and come out to get your pet as we have been doing this past year. We will allow up to 2 people in the room for end-of-life services.

All Technician appointments, surgery, drop-offs, and medication/retail pick up will continue to remain curbside. Please call when you arrive. A technician will come out and get your pet if you have an appointment, and if you are picking up medication/retail items they will bring these out to you.
If you prefer only curbside for your appointment please let us know when scheduling and we will accommodate.

Thank you again for your patience, we are so excited to see you all again!


Thank you for trusting us.


Thank you for your kind words.

We work hard to provide exceptional care to your family. Your feedback allows us to continually grow and get better in providing veterinary care to our patients. Click a button below to read more reviews for each location. If you had a great experience, please be sure to leave us a positive review. Thank you!

“The team at House Paws is extraordinary – they will go the extra mile to provide expert care for your animals, to get you the information you need, they work with both domestic and farm animals, and their generosity and compassion knows no bounds. I can highly recommend them.”
Gina W.

“Most local folks know we only have a few vet options in town, and over the years I have used them all at least once being the owner of both cats and dogs. All my animals are now exclusively seen at House Paws (Round Hill). I have been thoroughly impressed with how they treat the animals and us humans as clients, both in terms of quality of care and the general attitudes and atmosphere in the practice, which is always kind and positive. If you are looking for a great vet office, look no further.”

“Our regular vet was unavailable. Dr. Van Pelt came to the rescue when a stray adopted us as her new family. We quickly learned why she had been dumped. Nugget was expecting a litter of kittens. When the babies were born Dr. Van Pelt came to the house, checked everyone out, gave Mama and babies medicines, and two shots for Mama Nugget because we didn’t know anything about her history.”
Ann Miller

“The vets and staff are caring and very accommodating. I enjoy taking my cats here for routine and acute care. Everyone is very friendly and knowledgable. Their location is very convenient to my home. I would recommend this vet to all my friends.”
Ashley E.

“Dr. Knode and staff are wonderful! We met them by way of emergency and they were most compassionate with assisting us saying goodbye to our 14-year-old dog and family member! Today we brought our kitten in, and for our 2nd time meeting, they are consistent! Loving, compassionate and truly care about your animal whether first or last time meeting. I highly suggest this practice, they are wonderful 💗 We have found our Vet for our furbaby family, and are so thankful!”
Courtney M.

“We are New to the Purcellville / Round Hill Area, in one weeks time our normally healthy and active 4 year old dog hurt a paw and ingested a deer bone that caused a dangerous bowel blockage. Dr. Pacheco and staff made time to see us with no previous appointment for both occurrences. They expertly handeled both issues. The Bowel blockage was very painful and needed immediate intervention”
Richard B.

“Our dog was attacked by another dog that slipped its lead one early morning in mid-December, 2019. We initially took him to Valley Vet Emergency Care on Costello Drive. He received life-saving care there through emergency surgery.

Our aftercare has been with our home vet, House Paws. In the 3wks since surgery, Dr. Schimd, Maggie, Chelsea, and the rest of the staff at House Paws have been extremely attentive.”

Ken T.

“Dr. Knode and her staff have been taking care of my pets for 10+ years, first as the mobile unit when we lived in Ashburn and now that we live in Winchester. The mobile unit is fantastic for fearful dogs, or injured dogs. The office team at Winchester are amazing and so wonderful to my ailing pups. Thanks so much for all the good work!”
Tina S.

We have three locations and an in-home service.

We proudly serve pets in Lovettsville, Round Hill, Winchester, and mobile services all over Northern Virginia. To contact us or request an appointment, find the location nearest you below.