Owner and Medical Director

Leah Knode V.M.D.

Dr. Knode is a 1993 graduate of the University of Pennsylvania School of Veterinary Medicine and is licensed in Virginia, Maryland and Pennsylvania. Dr. Knode has many years of experience in veterinary emergency and critical care medicine and has worked in many of the leading 24 hour veterinary emergency hospitals in our area. Dr. Knode has developed a very practical approach to veterinary medicine to the benefit of the pet and client. Dr. Knode is passionate that old age is not a disease and that senior pets can do very well if their people are willing to help.

Dr. Knode is member of the American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA) Dr. Knode is also a member of the American Association of Small Ruminant Practitioners. Dr. Knode obtained her BS and MS at Shippensburg University. Some of the work on the MS degree was done at Johns Hopkins while working for the Chief of Surgery in his research laboratory.

Dr. Knode sees small and large animals. Dr. Knode is particularly excellent with cats, loves Big White Dogs, has (too) many cats, sheep, goats and horses. Dr. Knode lives with her husband and Practice Manager John Ebersold near Purcellville, VA. Dr. Knode is licensed in Virginia, Maryland and Pennsylvania.

Jillian Schrier D.V.M.

Dr. Jillian Schrier is a 2016 graduate of the University of Floridia College of Veterniary Medicine . Dr. Schrier focuses on small animal medicine and has a strong interest in internal medicine, dermatology, and shelter medicine. Her additional shelter medicine training has allowed her to develop advanced spay/neuter techniques as well as specialized training in infectious disease control. Through her work as a small animal general practitioner, she has gained experience in surgeries, including dental procedures. Dr. Schrier believes in a collaborative environment and fosters partnerships with both her fellow practitioners and the clients.

Dr. Schrier received her Bachelors and Masters degree in finance from Florida State University, before deciding that helping animals was her life passion. She enjoys spending time with her Saint Bernard, Moose, and her Labrador mix, Annabelle, as well as her two cats.

Dr. Schrier splits her time between our hospitals and our mobile practice and is licensed in Virginia and Maryland.

Sarah Wray D.V.M

Dr. Wray is a 2017 graduate of the Louisiana State University - School of Veterinary Medicine. Dr. Wray grew up in Silver Spring, MD, working at a local horse barn taking care of the horses and later teaching English lessons.

She received a Bachelors of Science from Virginia Tech in Animal and Poultry sciences,  before attending LSU School of Veterinary Medicine. She worked with large animal practitioners, specializing in both beef and dairy cattle throughout veterinary school. Dr. Wray treats both large and small animals and is primarily as mobile veterinarian.

Dr. Wray brought her rescue catahoula mix, Rue with her from Louisiana. Her favorite hobbies are running, going to the beach, and riding horses. She looks forward to exploring the area as well as seeing your animals! Dr. Wray is licensed in Virginia, West Virginia and Maryland.

Adam Chung V.M.D.

Dr. Adam Chung was born and raised in the suburbs of Chicago, IL with three other siblings. He moved with his family to Atlanta, GA, where he spent most of his time before moving to upstate New York for college. Dr. Chung graduated Magna Cum Laude with a degree in Animal Science from Cornell University in 2012. Before beginning vet school, he took a year off to teach English in Korea and travel to six other countries. One of his highlights was spending the summer in the Galapagos Islands, providing medical care to the animals of the local communities.

Since then, Dr. Chung spent four years in Philadelphia, where he obtained his veterinary degree from the University of Pennsylvania School of Veterinary Medicine. By being proactive in veterinary school, he was able to perform over 100 surgeries before graduation. In search of new places to explore, he settled in the northern Virginia area, where he lives with his handsome cat, Zed.

Dr. Chung is a 2017 graduate of the University of Pennsylvania School of Veterinary Medicine, has an interest in small animal and ruminant medicine, with a special interest in emergency and surgery. Dr. Chung is licensed in Virginia.

Amanda Van Pelt D.V.M.

Dr. Amanda Van Pelt is a native of western Nebraska, where she grew up riding horses, herding cattle, and rescuing kittens. A die-hard Husker, she attended University of Nebraska for undergraduate work before graduating in 2012 with her DVM from the joint Nebraska-Iowa State program. She migrated to the mountains of Laramie, Wyoming after graduation; working on horses, dogs, and cats at 7220 feet of elevation.

After several years of oxygen deprivation, Amanda decided to add a little adventure to her career by accepting a job as an Explosive Detection Canine veterinarian in the Middle East, where she met her husband, Mike (also a Working Dog veterinarian from the US). After 3 years of working in the sand and sun- and much to the delight of her mother, Amanda returned home to the US, following her husband to Frederick county Virginia, where she currently resides. When not working, there’s a great chance that you will find her in a Crossfit gym lifting heavy objects and smacking tires. Her husband fully understands that the true love of her life is a charming 13-year-old cat named Stewart, who lives at home with a mini-Aussie named Lace. Despite these numerous passions, Dr. Van Pelt still finds herself at peace the most when sitting on the back of a horse. Dr. Van Pelt is licensed in Virginia.

Paige Bornkamp MVB

Dr. Bornkamp is a 2015 graduate of University College of Dublin, Veterinary College of Ireland earning an MVB degree. Dr. Bornkamp earned her BS degree in biology from Wake Forest University. Dr. Bornkamp lives with her husband near Leesburg, VA.


John Ebersold - Practice Manager, Manager, Veterinary Assistant, Technology Support, etc. John has over twenty years of experience in the corporate world as a computer programmer, consultant, consulting manager and project manager in a diverse set of industries and government locations. John has been helping to grow and manage House Paws and House Paws Animal Hospitals since 2000. John manages his farm in his "spare" time. John has learned much about veterinary medicine from Dr. Knode and his own on-going study. Having been involved in these two fields, he has noticed the similarity in the mindset of what makes a good computer systems debugger and analyst and that of a good medical diagnostician.

"Chelle" a.k.a. Lorraine Procaccino - provides invaluable pet management and training, nursing assistance, office support, clerical tasks and a variety of logistical assistance. Chelle has many years of animal training assistance and has three dogs of her own.

Danielle Wilson - Reception and Operations Manager, In-Home Service, Client Communication and Office Support. Danielle handles the phones and email and schedules the mobile appointments, and does medication refills for the mobile clients. Danielle also staffs the Berryville office for reception

Holly Martin - Veterinary Assistant and Reception, House Paws Animal Hospital Lovettsville. Holly has three dogs and one cat. Holly prepares the surgery room and assists in surgery.

Marie Stevenson - Reception and Operations Manager at House Paws Animal Hospital Lovettsville, Client Communication and Office Support. Marie has been with House Paws, Lovettsville since the opening in 2015. She came to us with more than seven years of veterinary experience from working in private practice to emergency medicine. Marie oversees the flow of the hospital including scheduling appointments, client communication and patient advocate.  She is a mentor to other employees. When Marie is not at work she enjoys home time with her three cats, day trips and weekend get-aways with her grandchildren. In her spare time, Marie enjoys creating jewelry, clothing accessories and reading mystery novels.

Heather Prosperi - Reception House Paws Round Hill. Heather has two dogs, a pit/hound mix named Jake, and a silver lab named Stella. She grew up in Tampa, Florida working at local barns riding, training, showing and assisting in health care for horses and alpaca.  She is a certified alpaca trainer and handler, and has a passion for working with large animals. She moved to West Virginia in the fall of 2015 and managed an alpaca farm and mill in Maryland. She took interest in doing reception work and came to us with the background of working reception for small animal emergency and an internal medicine practice.

Hannah Coogan - Veterinary Assistant, House Paws In-Home Veterinary Care

Rebecca Mathews - Rebecca is a Licensed Veterinary Technician and works in our Round Hill, Lovettsville and House Paws In-Home Veterinary Care.

Missy Thompson - Part-Time Reception, House Paws Animal Hospital Round Hill, Client Communication and Office Support

Amanda Gray - a veterinary assistant who helps in every way with the medical care. Amanda works in all of our locations. Amanda and her husband live in Clarke County, raise farm animals and she volunteers time with pet rescue organizations.

Alexandra (Alex) Miller - a graduate of the NOVA Licensed Veterinary Technician Program and LVT candidate.

Leslie Foster -has made a career change from the restaurant industry where she was a general manager for many years. Leslie is the operations manager and head receptionist for the Round Hill office and bring a wealth of experience to the position.

Ana Kesari - a veterinary assistant who helps in all facilites and the mobile service. Ana also professionally floats equine teeth.

Tomi Todaro - a professional groomer and also a veterinary assistant when not groomer. Tomi is available to groom at all of our locations.