ABC is vital for life: Airway, Breathing, Circulation. Make sure that your pets' AIRWAY does not appear obstructed, that your pet is BREATHING, that the heart is beating and CIRCULATION of the blood is happening.

Apply compresion to stop any flow of blood.

The gums of your pet should be pink - this indicates that ABC is functioning.

Hospital Clients

During normal business hours call or come to one of our hospitals. We can handle most urgent care conditions and in a true emergency, stablize your pet for the trip to local pet ER - getting supportive treatment started sooner is better.

House Call Clients

If you believe your pet has a life threatening condition, call or go directly to the nearest emergency hospital, here are some in our service area:

Area Pet Emergency Hospitals

Large Animal Emergencies:

House Paws Farm Calls sees large animal emergencies ANYTIME: Call 703-264-7879 for the number to reach the large animal on-call veterinarian.

Other options for especially important or valuable animals that require specialized medical and nursing care beyond what an owner in their own facilities are able to provide are:

New Bolton Center at the University of Pennsylvannia

An excellent choice for any farm animal, especially horses.

New Bolton Center is near Kennett Square, PA and can be easily reached from Loudoun County in about 3 hours with a trailer and is available 24/7 365 days per year. The range of specalties, supporting residents, interns, nursing staff and students is especially impressive.

Virginia-Maryland College of Veteriniary Medicine

The Virginia Tech Large Animal Hospital in Blacksburg, VA is another good choice for large animal hospitalization needs as well. Blackburg can be reached from Loudoun County is about 3 hours and 45 minutes.

We mention these options as many area private equine facilites only accept horses.