House Call Fee

  • For mobile appointments we charge a house call or farm call fee to reach your location. Neighbors and friends can split the fee by making appointments at the same time in essentially the same location: For example, in the same building or on the same street. One house call fee is charged regardless of the number of pets or farm animals.

Examination Fee

  • We charge an examination fee for each pet seen. Why?
  • The exam is good medicine to provide an overall assessment of the pet
  • Our expertise applied during the exam often finds conditions needing treatment besides the presenting complaint.
  • Allows for follow-up communication as part of the exam fee.
  • We require an exam before vaccinating any pet - we don't do "shots only" without an exam or recent previous exam.


  • We accept Cash, Checks, Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover and Union Pay at all of our practices.
  • We accept Care Credit at our Round Hill, Lovettsville, Berryville and Winchester facilities.
  • We expect full payment at the time of service.

Missed or Cancelled Appointment Charges

  • If you repeatedly miss or cancel appointments, with less than 24 hour notice, (two or more times), we will need to charge in advance to make the appointment.
  • For mobile appointments, you will be charged the house call fee and the exam fee
  • For in hospital appointments, you will be charged the exam fee

The reason is the we reserve the time for you and you have promised to us that you want this appointment and therefore we are unable to accept an appointment request from another client who needs our help. We are also unable to rebook your appointment slot.