House Call Fee

  • For mobile appointments we charge a house call or farm call fee to reach your location. Neighbors and friends can split the fee by making appointments at the same time in essentially the same location: For example, in the same building or on the same street. One house call fee is charged regardless of the number of pets or farm animals.

Examination Fee

  • We charge an examination fee for each pet seen. Why?
  • The exam is good medicine to provide an overall assessment of the pet
  • Our expertise applied during the exam often finds conditions needing treatment besides the presenting complaint.
  • Allows for follow-up communication as part of the exam fee.
  • We require an exam before vaccinating any pet - we don't do "shots only" without an exam or recent previous exam.


  • We accept Cash, Checks, Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover and Union Pay at all of our practices.
  • We accept Care Credit at our Round Hill, Lovettsville, Berryville and Winchester facilities.
  • We expect full payment at the time of service.